Vinyl Wrap vs Paint

Choosing a vinyl wrap for your vehicle has many distinct advantages versus painting your vehicle. First off, because a vinyl wrap is 100% removable, it does not lower the value of your vehicle, void any manufacturer warranties or lease agreements.

The cost of a wrap is considerably less than an equivalent paint job. Plus, you can affordably add accent colors to your vehicle rather than a full wrap or have a custom printed design for your vehicle.

What does “Certified” mean?

Companies with this distinction are recognized by 3M and UASG for not only their installation skills/knowledge, but also their sound business practices. Businesses that have Certified Installers have passed rigorous hands-on and written tests and are committed to ensuring employees follow proper policies and 3M installation procedures.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are based upon the high quality materials we use and the quality of work used in the design, production and installation of the vinyl wraps. Each job is different, so please contact us today so we can provide you with an estimate specific for your job.

What colors and finishes are available

We use 3M and Avery wrap films which come in a wide spectrum of colors and finishes. Matte, metallic, and luster finishes are available as well as special finishes like carbon fiber and brushed metal. If you have a specific color, our printer can match any Pantone color you need.

What is the warranty for a vinyl wrap?

Our vinyl material comes with a 5-7 year manufacturer warranty. Our printed vinyl wraps are laminated with a protective film that extends the life of the print.

What does vinyl film stick to?

Using high quality 3M and Avery vinyl we are able to wrap just about anything. The adhesives need a smooth, clean surface to adhere to, so they will not stick to rust or chalky painted surfaces. Any rust, bubbling, scratches, dents or other damage will be visible through the film, and such surface imperfections may damage the film or cause the film to fail prematurely.

Is vinyl permanent?

No. A vinyl wrap will last 4-7 years. It is applied using heat and pressure sensitive adhesives that can be removed by our installers.

Does the vinyl damage my car?

Not at all! Properly applied vinyl can be removed by our installers at a later date with absolutely no damage to your vehicle’s paint, finish or windows. When used, applied, maintained and removed according to 3M’s instructions and within the product’s 3M Warranty Period, film series 1080 should not damage an OEM paint finish upon removal.

How long will it take to wrap my car?

The time it takes to wrap your vehicle depends upon the complexity of the wrap. Partial wraps take less time than full wraps. Typically it takes 24-48 hours for our expert installers to apply a full vehicle wrap.

How do I take care of my vinyl wrapped vehicle?

Hand washing your vehicle is best, but a soft cloth washer is safe after 48 hours. Avoid high pressure washers and scrubbers.

Do you offer custom printed vinyl wraps?

Most certainly! Our design team will work with you to create an eye catching, unique design for your vehicle. From cars, vans, trucks, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, concept vehicles, helicopters and jets, we have covered it all and can work with you to design graphics for whatever you need.