Automotive Camouflage

Graphik Concepts works closely with various automotive manufacturers, providing them with prototype camouflage. Although black and white are mainly used, there are many colors that can be used to camouflage new parts and body contours for road testing and display. This keeps body lines, shapes and special items secret until it is unveiled to the public.Looking to add an outdoor or military touch to your vehicle? We produce sheets of automotive camouflage, from multi-cam, digital camouflage, or tree patterns, in almost any size or shape. We have created camouflage for cars, trucks, ATVs as well as watercraft. Our camouflage is printed on the highest quality, highest performing and most durable vinyl films in the industry. All of our wraps and decals can be covered with a high quality UV over laminate designed to last for years. If your project is temporary, the laminate can be left off the wraps or decals, which cuts cost, but will reduce durability.

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